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"We have loved working with Studio RTR and I am sure we will be collaborating for future projects. They have a wonderful creative vision and we found it easy to create our perfect vision together. So happy with the final result!"


-Claudia Bovingdon, Coach House


For preproduction, Studio RTR remained in regular contact with Coach House representatives in order to find out the overall objectives for the campaign. This was to primarily establish the wants and needs of each the videos so we could make each of the campaigns as effective as possible.

So far, StudioRTR has created the Christmas Showroom Campaign video, the Spring Showroom Campaign video, the Floral Edit as well as many more.  We decided the videos would be edited with lots of close-up shots to highlight the quality of the products with added ramping to create a dynamic and exciting piece.

Our main focus for these videos was to highlight the quality of the Coach House products as well as showcase the product's story from customer to warehouse to delivery. To ensure authenticity to the videos we kept customers in some of the footage to give the videos an added natural quality.  We wanted the narratives to inspire and attract consumers. After having one final discussion to confirm the expectations of each of the videos, we began to start preparing the production schedule.

In total, for production, StudioRTR did two to three days filming on each of the projects in order to build the narrative of the campaign and collect B-roll.


Our main objectives during filming were to capture each of the Showroom room's distinct designs as well as the craftsmanship and care that goes on behind the scenes in the warehouse. For the campaign, we crewed multiple camera operators with our EVAs to capture the designs from all angles. For the majority of the shoot, we used a Gimble rig to create a more human feel to the footage. To give the videos an extra wow factor, we also used a drone to collect footage of the factory interiors as well as the large outdoor space to show the scale of the Coach House productions.

For post-production, the team remained in regular contact with the clients to maintain that the edit was correct and to keep Coach House involved every step of the way.

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