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Rewilding Broughton

The large scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature is allowed to take care of itself

The Broughton Sanctuary has a mission – to protect and enhance the diversity of wildlife and natural habitats on 1,100 acres (app one-third) of the estate and to reconnect visitors with the natural environment. In so doing it aims to demonstrate that humans can live in a more fruitful and positive partnership with the land in a way which helps nature to truly flourish. The site supports a diversity of important habitats – from meadow pastures to ancient woodland, heather moorland and freshwater habitats. These habitats already support a range of species, including kestrels, hares and otters. The rewilding project aims to breathe new life into the landscape and provide high quality opportunities for wildlife and people. The estate aims build upon its existing health and wellbeing programme by reconnecting visitors with the incredible power of nature through natural medicines, wild food foraging, forest bathing, and wild swimming within the rewilding area as well as the wider estate.

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