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 Studio RTR scheduled a couple of meetings with the client to determine the campaign's overall objectives. This not only established the wants and needs but also to look at reference films together and begin to plan the narrative we wanted to show on-screen together.


In total we decided to create six films in total for the North Yorkshire Fire Service; two of these videos were to be edited into one-minute action-packed edits that tell the story of what happens from 999 calls to the firefighters being on the scene and rescuing those involved. One of our main objectives during this campaign was to show the day-to-day of On-Call Firefighters, without it being cliche or something that has been done before. The other four videos were created to be 30-35 seconds long to primarily showcase on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our main focus for these videos was to highlight individual members of the team and demonstrate what it is like to be part of the crew. After having one final meeting to confirm the narrative of all six videos, we began to start preparing the production schedule.

In total, for production, we filmed over two days to build the narrative of the campaign and collect B-roll. Our main objectives during filming were to capture the excitement and action of being an On-Call Firefighter and the ethos, day-to-day routines, and familiarity within the team.

For the campaign, we crewed multiple camera operators with our cameras to capture the action from all angles. With the help of our wonderful on-screen firefighters, we staged a car crash within the Fire Service grounds to showcase the immediacy and skill needed when the firefighters step onto the scene of the accident.  

For post-production, the team remained in regular contact with the clients to maintain that the correct edit and keep the Fire Service involved every step of the way. We created 6 videos in total for their campaign, two long-form edits, and four short-form edits from all the footage gathered. In addition to this,  we also captured stills from our footage to also be used for the clients social media and website.

"Thanks to the extremely professional work of Studio RTR, we at North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service are now very privileged to have a number of short video clips to promote the role of on-call firefighters.  Amy, Kate, Mark and the team were a joy to work alongside, with their vision and enthusiasm to create such a professional package to portray the day to day life of an on-call firefighter, proving to be a great hit throughout our service and beyond via feedback from our social media channels.

The team from Studio RTR took time to sit and discuss our role whilst researching other projects that the Fire Service have published over the years. Rather than a cheesy video of someone sat at home when their pager activates, the vision of Studio RTR created a thoroughly professional and attractive package that we will be able to use for many years to come." 


—  Martyn Hughes, Watch Manager, North Yorkshire Fire Service

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