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 Studio RTR scheduled multiple meetings with the client to find out the overall objectives for the campaign. This not only established the wants and needs but also to plan the narrative.


The decision was made to create three episodes of Toolally Talks for the Toolally Jewellery Brand; one episode discussing fashion and sustainability, another discussing the use of colour in clothing and jewellery and the latest episode, Christmas and fashion.  


One of our main objectives during this campaign was to show an accessible and authentic conversation between the hosts whilst they discuss topical issues surrounding the clothing and jewellery industry.  

Our main objectives during filming were to not only capture the lively nature of our three wonderful presenters and reoccurring guest John Lewis Personal Stylist, Emily, but also the latest designs in fashion and jewellery.

The content was delivered in bite-size chunks and distributed on a variety of social media platforms over a six month period.

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